The Digital Revolution: Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep calm, carry onDo as it says and I promise Twitter won’t deploy an explosive device.

OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT SHOULD I DO?, a free eBook with the goal of moving its reader to the “era of digital awesomeness”, dispells ongoing myths about digital marketing and provides compelling evidence as to why it should be adopted.

A timeline showcasing the history of the digital era reveals the unwielding power of the social web and its crushing effect on various industries: entertainment (music, cinema, adult), telecommunications (landline phone, mobile) and travel/tourism to name a few.  So does this mean that the internet is bad for business?  Or does this force businesses to adopt a new marketing strategy?  I’ll let you chew on that and kindly welcome your feedback in the comments section.

Underlying this technological revolution is the premise that technology should be well integrated, invisible, and disruptive.  So no pink elephants in the room!  Similarily, a well executed branding strategy needs to be just as stealthy, integrating the product/service into the consumers life(style) by enriching and enabling their existing behaviour rather than forcing the individual to adopt new ones.  We are creatures of habit, and often become defensive when we are thrown out of our comfort zone.

Like all successful marketing efforts, it all starts with a great idea. OMGWhatHappened… stresses that the idea must come first, and the technological platform that can best support it should be conceived later.  I would suspect that this suggestion along with tip #5 (Make a Techi Friend) should alleviate the concerns of old school markters.   The reader will soon learn that when it comes to digital marketing, the basic principles of marketing remain the same: know your audience, focus on the consumer, exceed expectations, integrate your campaign, the only difference is the platform.


The book is easily accessible both financially (it’s FREE) and academically as it is grounded in laymen’s terms.  What I appreciate most about the book is how it provides simple ways to shift digitial skepticisim into the here and now.  The book adopts an almost Coupland-esque narrative, with its GenX voice and generous use of helvetica font.  Now I’m all for digital marketing, so this book may have been preaching to the converted, but it only fuelled my passion for the discipline.  Cheesy, but true!  An easy read for the bus, the doctor’s office or inbetween coffee sips.

Resources: Ohmygodwhathappened?

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